Endpoint analytics remediation script community repository

What could be better than working on a project together with others. Andrew Taylor, Joey Verlinden, Florian Salzmann and I have created a community proactive remediation script repository where we have written and added as many scripts as possible ready to use scripts for you. In this blog post I want to give you more insights in endpoint analytics proactive remediation scripts and explain how you can integrate these scripts into you environment.

What is Endpoint Analytics?

Endpoint Analytics is a feature within Microsoft Endpoint Manager that provides insights into device performance and health. It allows IT administrators to proactively monitor devices, diagnose issues, and optimize device performance. Endpoint Analytics collects data on device performance metrics, such as boot time, app load time, and battery life. This data can be used to identify device issues, prioritise troubleshooting, and improve device performance.

What is Endpoint analytics proactive remediation?

Probably the most important feature in endpoint analytics is the proactive remediation feature. With proactive remediation you can detect problems through detection scripts and fix them directly through remediation actions. These scripts can be executed once or time triggered. You can also use these scripts only for reporting to query certain values on the client.

You can use this scripts to do all kinds of nice stuff like showing fix issues, create reports, collect data from the client, show pop up messages or an wpf application. Almost everything what is possible with powershell is also possible with remediation scripts.

A proactive remediation is created of two scripts. One is the detection script what is run in advance to check the status and return an 1 for an issue or an 0 for no issue. Based on this return value a remediation script will be executed.


Before creating a remediation script, there are a few prerequisites that need to be in place:

  • E3 / E5 / A3 / A5 license
  • Intune enrolled or co-managed devices <1909 + cumulative update from July 2021
    • Azure AD joined or hybrid Azure AD joined
    • Windows 10 and later Education, Professional or Enterprise
  • Connection to https://*.events.data.microsoft.com

Where can I find the repository?

You can find the repository via this link: https://github.com/JayRHa/EndpointAnalyticsRemediationScripts

How to Create a Remediation Script

Creating a remediation script is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Intune Portal
  • Navigate to Reports -> Endpoint Analytics
  • Click + Create script package
  • Enter a name and click Next
  • Upload the Detection script.
  • Click Next > Next
  • Assign the script to a group
  • Create a schedule. In my case I select daily.
  • Click Next > Create

How can I contribute?

If you have a idea for a script which is missing, contact us via our blog social media or open an issue on the repository with an description of your idea: 

If you have an script which you want to upload to this repository use our template in the 0 – Teamplate folder and create an pull request.

Big thank you to:

This repository is a community project where we try to implement many ready to use endpoint analytics remediation scripts and provide this to the Intune community. If you have further ideas we would be happy if you send them to us, open an issue on this repository or create a pull request.

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