How to deploy the Web Company Portal

In one of my last posts I explained how to create a desktop shortcut using a Win32 app. Now I want to show you a way how you can deploy a web shortcut for the Web Company Portal.

What is the Web Company Portal

In addition to the Company Portal version from the Windows Store, there is also a web-based Company Portal. With this you can also install/uninstall apps or manage your devices. Different from the Store app, you can also install software for devices you are not sitting at.

How can I access the Web Company Portal?

The Web Company Portal can be accessed at the following link: Company Portal website

How can I distribute the Web Company Portal?

How you can create a shortcut of the Web Company Portal I will explain now.

  • To do this, open the MEM portal and go to Apps -> All Apps
  • Click ADD
  • Select Web Link as App Type
  • Click Select
  • Enter “Web Company Portal” as name
  • Add a description e.g. the one from my blog
  • Add “Microsoft” as Publisher
  • Add the App URL:
  • You can optionally upload a app logo if you like.
  • Click Next
  • Assign the App
  • Click Next

When the assignment has arrived on the client you should find the shortcut in the start menue.


This way is much easier than the way via a Win32 app but is also not as flexible. If you want to put the short cut on the desktop you have to choose the way with Powershell and Win32. If it is enough for you that the entry is visible in the start menu, this is a very simple way.
I hope I could help you with this blog.

Stay healthy, Cheers

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