Show user dialog with Endpoint Analytics (Smartphone Replacement Tool)

It is not always easy to reach users via email or other channels. When there are projects running to exchange e.g. smartphones or migrations from files from a network drive to an SharePoint it is hard reach the users and get an answer. Intune provides with Endpoint Analytics a very good on board tool to easily reach users via a user dialog. In this blog I will show how you can use this with the example of a smartphone exchange. The dialog and the method can be adapted to many other use cases.

Deploy a Endpoint Analytics Script to collect the value

First we deploy an endpoint analytics script to our clients to get the return value from the clients with the device manufacture

  • Enter a name and click Next

  • Upload the Detection script. You can find the script in my GitHub repository.
  • Select Run the script using the logged-on credentials
  • Click Next > Next
  • Assign the script to a group
  • Create a schedule and select as frequency once.
  • Click Next > Create

Show the results

You can get the script Id via the browser developer tools:

You can see the results with the following Graph call:**SCRIPT_ID**/deviceRunStates?$top=200

The output is an JSON string. You can use this solution described in the “Create and Fill AAD Group based on an local attributes” blog post how you can fill a AAD group based on this result. If you need support by adapting the script please let me know.

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