Intune AI Voice Bot

In the todays blog, I will announce the release of our experimental AI-driven voice assistant for Microsoft Intune-related questions. As you know, I am an huge fans of automation and AI technologies. I teamed up with Fabian Peschke to develop this innovative voice bot that aims to help users with their Intune questions.

Our voice bot is built using two different Microsoft cognitive services: Azure Speech Services and OpenAI’s GPT-35 Turbo. The Azure Speech Services allows the bot to recognize and synthesize speech, while OpenAI’s engine enables the bot to understand and respond to user queries intelligently. This bot was developed based on this example from microsoft.

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Endpoint analytics remediation script community repository

What could be better than working on a project together with others. Andrew Taylor, Joey Verlinden, Florian Salzmann and I have created a community proactive remediation script repository where we have written and added as many scripts as possible ready to use scripts for you. In this blog post I want to give you more insights in endpoint analytics proactive remediation scripts and explain how you can integrate these scripts into you environment.

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Intune Device Inventory UI

Anyone who has been working in the area of device management for a while knows that a good inventory is a very important prerequisite for good device management.

A very desired feature from you is to have a custom inventory directly in Intune with which you can then continue to work in certain processes. This is exactly what Florian Salzmann and I have taken up and developed a solution for you that solves exactly this problem.

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How to start with creating blog content about MEM

I started blogging about various mem topics some time ago. What I can say after this time is that this was the best decision I made. By creating blog posts I have been able to expand my knowledge a lot, I have met a lot of amazing people and the best of all I could share my knowledge with others and help them. With this blog post I want to explain what you need to start blogging about mem topics and encourage you to do so. You will not regret it.

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