Remove Windows 11 build-in teams app with Intune

A build in teams client is shipped with Windows 11. This client can only be used with a personal Microsoft account. This client is usually not welcome in corporate environments. How to remove this build-in client with the help of Intune I will show you in this blog post.

Remove the build-in teams app with Intune

To uninstall the Teams client automatically we need a PowerShell script. more precisely one line of powershell code.

Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object Name -like "*MicrosoftTeams*" | Remove-AppxPackage

I put this code line in a ps1. script and uploaded it to my git repository.

  • Open the MEM portal and navigate to Devices -> Scripts
  • Click ADD
  • Enter a name
  • Click Next
  • Upload the script
  • Select Yes at “Run this script using the logged on credentials
  • Click Next
  • Click Add Groups
  • Select a Group and click Select
  • Click Next
  • Click Add

Remove the Chat Icon

  • Open the MEM Portal
  • Navigate to Devices -> Configuration Profile
  • Click + Create profile
  • Select Windows 10 and later as Platform
  • Select Template -> Custom as Profile type
  • Click Create
  • Enter a Name
  • Click Next
  • Click Add
  • Enter the following information
    • Name: RemoveTeamsIcon
    • OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Experience/ConfigureChatIcon
    • Data type: Integer
    • Value: 3
  • Click Save
  • Click Next
  • Deploy the script to a Group
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Click Create

I hope I could help you with this post and explain how to uninstall the build-in teams client via intune. Thanks for reading this blog.

Stay healthy, Cheers

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