How to start with creating blog content about MEM

I started blogging about various mem topics some time ago. What I can say after this time is that this was the best decision I made. By creating blog posts I have been able to expand my knowledge a lot, I have met a lot of amazing people and the best of all I could share my knowledge with others and help them. With this blog post I want to explain what you need to start blogging about mem topics and encourage you to do so. You will not regret it.


The most important thing to create blogs is a platform on which you can share your posts. There are really a lot of different offers in the Internet, some of them are also available for free. I have chosen WordPress and am very happy with this decision. WordPress is a platform once this is set up it makes your life very easy. For the initial setup you have a lot of free designs available that you can also customize. You don’t need to write HTML code it offers you a very clear admin interface where you can create your blogs with a very good editor. You can also customize WordPress via various options such as plug ins as you need this.

The hosting of the WordPress platform costs about 50 euro per year and a few euro for the domain registration. But these are more or less the only costs you have. As already mentioned above, there are also free alternatives, just look around a bit and choose a platform that suits you best.

Intune and azure subscription

To blog about MEM topics you also need your own tenant. For this Microsoft offers you the possibility to deploy a free dev tenant. Joymalya Basz Roy has explained in his blog post very well how you can create a dev tenant. You can also check out my first blog post where I explain how to set up a Windows Autopilot Test Lab.
If you want to build solutions that require Azure service like log analytics, azure automation, key vault,… you have several options. You can claim a free credit of 200USD for 30 days or deposit a credit card. There are also over 40 Azure services available for free. Since my test tenant doesn’t have as much data as a production tenant and most of the services are really cheap, my monthly costs are very low, mostly under 5 euros.

Be up to date

In order to help as many people as possible with your blogs, it is important that you always stay up to date and inform yourself about current developments. For this I can very much recommend you to create a Twitter account. There are so many amazing people within the MEM community who share or blog about the latest developments on a daily basis. Also, it is always helpful to regularly check out the MEM Tech Community to be informed about current issues and questions.

In addition to Twitter, there are many other very good communities on e.g. LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord,….
To list a few here:

Have fun and be innovative

The most important thing when you write blogs is that you have fun and that you transport this fun to your readers. Also, there is no point in writing about topics that already have a lot of the same or similar blogs. Always try to be innovative and creative and try to blog about new topics to provide value to the MEM community.

Just start

The most important thing is that you just start. Don’t get too bogged down with design things or with details. You will notice that the quality of your blogs will get better and better from post to post. Start with topics that you know well and that are easy for you to write about. When you have some experience with creating blogs you can also go deeper into topics and deal with completely unknown and new topics. Don’t be discouraged by negative comments.

Other helpful tips

  • Write your blogs in english so you can reach a larger community
  • Stay tuned and bring content regularly.
  • Look at other blogs and learn from them
  • Concentrate on focus areas and try not to blog about all topics at once


I would be very happy to encourage you with this blog to start blogging and make a valuable contribution to the MEM community. Believe me it is fun and you will learn a lot and the best part is you can help other people. There is nothing better when you know you have helped someone with your blog. This is the biggest motivation for me.
If you have any questions I am always open to answer them.

Stay healthy, Cheers