Remove the primary user from Intune devices with powershell (Switch to shared device)

If an Intune device is not enrolled as a shared device or kiosk device, it always has a primary user. This creates a relation between the device and the user. This user is also used to license the device. This user only has the possibility to see this device in the company portal / company portal website and trigger certain self service actions. Also, while troubleshooting, an Intune admin can select this user in the Troubleshooting + support menu in Intune and directly see their devices.

The primary user is automatically added after the the enrollment of an intune managed device. It is possible to change the user to an other or remove this user to switch the device into a shared device.

Where can I find the Primary User

  • Open the MEM Portal
  • Click Devices -> All Devices
  • Select a device
  • Click Properties

Here you can find the primary user. You also have the possibility to change or remove the user.

How can I remove the primary user to switch the device to a shared device?

When a device has no primary user assigned it is a shared device. Shared devices has an identification label on the device in the company portal. One shared devices all users have the possibility to install apps. Self-service actions are not available by devices operate in the shared mode.

In this section we will look at how you can delete the primary user of all device / a list of devices automatically via powershell script.

In the Git hub repository from microsoft there is a script how to show, change and delete the primary contact for a single device. We have adapted this script a bit so that this is done for all devices.

I have uploaded the customized script to my Git repository. Before you run it, you should adjust the filter so that only the devices you want to change are changed.

Here is a example how to add an filter to only update Windows Devices with an specifc version:

$filter = "*10.0.19045*"
if(-not ($filter -eq '*')){
    $allDevices = $allDevices | Where-Object {$_.osVersion -like $filter}

I hope I could help you with the blog.

Stay healthy, Cheers

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  1. Hello! I was able to bypass 2 of the errors. One error was if a user did not have an Intune license (test account) and the other error I was able to bypass by commenting out a Break.

    My issue now is, the script completed after going through all devices that Start with a “C”. Is there a limit or a timeout period?


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