Intune mass export with the Graph Report API

There are many ways to export information from Intune. For example, you can use Log Analytics, the Data Warehouse or the Graph API. But if you want to export several thousand devices or apps via Graph, it can happen that Graph has a paging. Paging means that you only get a certain number of entries with one call and then you have to make another call for the next range. This means for you that you have to write a script that loops through the pages.

Another problem if you want to export e.g. all Discovered apps you have to loop through all devices because this attribute is not shared in List calls. But if you have several 10k or 100k devices this takes a long time.

But there is a Graph Report API that is designed to export large amounts of data and provide it to you as a CSV on a really easy way. How you can use it I will explain in this blog.

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How to setup Organizational messages

With the service release 2211, microsoft has brought a cool new feature called organizational message. These are different ways to contact users via different good looking messages to improve end-user communication and experience. This offers additional possibilities to the existing Notification Bar messages from Windows 10 and older.
These messages can be delivered as a popup above the taskbar, in the notification area or in the Get Started app.

A small disadvantage is that this feature is currently only supported only for Windows 11 devices.

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How to enroll a ubuntu device in intune

Since a few weeks there is a new icon in the Intune console and this is linux. The linux support is a very long awaited feature and there was good feedback from the ommunity. Currently the feature set is still a bit limited, there is currently only the possibility to determine the complaince of the devices and apply conditioanl access policies. But this is just the beginning I am sure that in the next months we will see more and more features and also config profiles, updates,… for Linux. But let’s take a look at how to enroll an Ubuntu device in intune.

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Intune DevOps Tools – Move objects from Dev to Prod Tenant

The more clients are managed in your tenant and the more people have contributor rights in your tenant, the more important it becomes to have good release management processes. In this blog post I would like to introduce you to my Intune CI pipeline that allows you to transfer configurations from one tenant to another. This offers the possibility that only a small number of administrators have access in the Prod tenant and all others create configurations in a Dev tenant and these are then transferred to the Prod tenant via a DevOps pipeline.

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Deep Dive into delivery optimization

You can imagine that when a new Windows patch or a new version of a software is released and has to be installed on every Devices and many PCs start to download the content at the same time from a destination outside the corporate network, the Internet break outs are very busy. Or if the internet connection of a certain location has a low bandwidth the download of a large app takes a long time. But more and more organisations move their applications as well as the update management to the cloud and reduce their on premise infrastructure. To solve this problem microsoft has introduced a very good technology called Delivery Optimization. In this blog we would like to clarify what is DO and take a deeper look at how this works.

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How to skip the ESP for a single app installation

Unfortunately, there is no setting in Intune with which you can determine whether an app should be installed during ESP (Enrollment Status Page) or only after ESP. Of course, it is a huge advantage to install as many apps as possible during the ESP or even better during the white glove phase so that you have a ready to use device after enrollment. But there are cases where it can make sense to install an app after the ESP, for example if the installation routine requires an interaction. How you can skip the installation of an app in the ESP I will explain now.

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Whats new in 2209

Every month there is a new service release of Intune with new features and bug fixes. With this blog I would like to start a new series and take a closer look at the new features in new Intune releases. The release that was released on Thursday was the 2209 and these new features I would like to take a closer look at.

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Get teams notification for the Top5 apps with installation errors

It is always important as an Intune admin to have an overview of the environment. Intune offers a lot of reports but as we all know you don’t look into them every day. Isn’t it easier to get a daily or weekly message in Teams and see the top failed app installation. I have already released some blogs with the topic of detecting anomalies in Intune with the help of cognitive services. In this blog I want to show you how to send a report that is already available in Intune to Teams using Azure Automation.

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