Group Windows 11 Devices with Intune

The launch of Windows 11 is coming and you might want to test configurations or apps on Windows 11 devices right now. But for the testing you need a group in Azure AD. In this blog I want to show you how to create a dynamic group where all Windows 11 devices are grouped. I also want to show you how to create a Device Filter for Windows 11.

Create a dynamic AAD Group for Windows 11

We will now start with the creation of a dynamic Azure Active Directory group. Of course you can use this procedure for other groupings based on other attributes.

  • Select Groups
  • Click + New group
  • Enter a Group name
  • Select Dynamic Device as Membership type
  • Click Add dynamic query under Dynamic Device Members.
  • Create the following rule:
(device.deviceOSVersion -startsWith "10.0.2")
  • Select “deviceOSVersion” as Property
  • Select “Starts With” as Operator
  • Insert “10.0.2” as Value
  • Click Save
  • Click Create
  • Create the following rule:
(device.deviceOSVersion -startsWith "10.0.2")
  • Open the Group
  • Click Dynamic membership rules
  • Click Validate Rules (Preview)
  • Click Add devices
  • Select a Windows 11 device
  • Check if the filter fits for the device. You can check this by the green rake.

It takes a short time then the devices should appear in the group as a member.

Create a Windows 11 device filter

After creating the dynamic Azure AD group we will look at how you can create a filter. This can be useful for user assignments for example.

  • Select Tenant administration
  • Select Filter (Preview)
  • Click + Create
  • Insert a Name for the filter
  • Click Next
  • Select Windows 10 and later as platform
  • Select “deviceOSVersion” as Property
  • Select “Starts With” as Operator
  • Insert “10.0.2” as Value
  • Click Next
  • Click Create


It is possible that Microsoft still changes the version number from 10.0.2XX to 11.X.X. This blog will help you to group the devices that are currently in the beta phase so that you can start testing with windows 11 devices.

Stay healthy, Cheers

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