Migrate an AAD User group to a Device group and vice versa

In your environment you have multiple groups to create assignments of an app or a configuration profile. If you later realize it would be better if this was not a device group but a user group, it is hard to change this without the user having an impact or you have big efforts. I have written a script that you can convert a user group into a device group or a device group into a user group based on the user assigned to a device or based on the devices assigned to the user.

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Use assignment filter for the update ring assignment

With the Assignment Filter a possibility was added to intune to make assignments more comfortable. This feature was first available for configuration profiles and then for apps. With the service release 2107 Intune has enabled the assignment filters also for update rings.

What are assignment filters and how can you use them for the update ring assignemnts I will show you in this blog.

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Setup an Modern Kiosk PC

In this blog post I want to explain how to set up a Modern Kiosk PC. There are many use cases in companies where you don’t want to give the user complete access to Windows. Only one or selected applications should be allowed. Typical use cases would be:

  • a device that plays a video in a sales room
  • a device that is used for training of an application
  • a terminal where someone can give feedback

and many more…

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Configure device categories

To group devices of certain departments or areas, Intune provides a function called Device Categories. These deivce categories have been available in Intune for a long time but are not really known by many. In this blog post we will take a closer look whats behind this function and what possibilities it offers.

The device categories function can be found in the MEM in the Devices menu. In the screenshot you can see 3 sample entries that I created for our tests. For the creation of a category only a name and optionally a description is needed.

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Setup a Windows Autopilot test lab

Many companies have a cloud-first strategy and are trying to move more and more on prem infrastructure to the cloud. This also includes the device management. With Covid 19, remote working was the new normal and many companies are facing the challenge of how to manage devices secure and comfortable in the home office.

With Intune, Microsoft has a very powerful solution to manage devices via the internet. In my blogs I would like to give insights into cloud device management and provide you helpful scripts and tools.

In this blog post I will start with a basic topic, it’s about how to set up Windows Autopilot Device from scratch. I explain how you can set up a test environment to gain experience with Windows 10 Autopilot or to test different things.

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