Set the Windows 10 background picture

With Intune it is very easy to change the backround picture of your devices. In this blog I explain how you can do this.

What do you need

All you need is a sharepoint and the picture you want to set. It is important to know that this only works with Windows 10 Enterprise or Education.

Upload the picture to SharePoint

  • Click on the gear icon and select site content
  • Select Documents
  • Create a folder with the name Backrounds
  • Click Upload and select the picture you want to use
  • Check that everyone else except the owners have read-only permissions

Create the policy

  • Navigate in the MEM Portal to Devices -> Configuration profiles
  • Click Create profile
  • Select Windows 10 and later as Platform and Templates as Profile type
  • Select Device restrictions
  • Click Next
  • Enter a name
  • Click Next
  • Go back to your sharepoint and copy the link
  • Select Personalization and enter the URL from the SharePoint
  • Click Next
  • Assign the profile to a group
  • Click Next -> Next -> Create

It’s so easy to change the background image!

Stay healthy, Cheers