Build PowerBi Dashboard based on Intune Data Warehouse

The Intune Data warehouse provides some data that is very useful for creating reports. In this blog I will show you how to access this data with PowerBi and also provide you with a example dashboard.

What is the Intune data warehouse

The Intune data ware house is a collection of multiple structured data tables with relations. You can use these for reporting purposes. It uses the OData model and you can access both daily and historical data. The Intune data warehouse only shows Intune devices, co managed devices have to be retrieved via ConfigMan. You can find the OData feed string in the Mem Portal under Reports -> Data warehouse.

Usefull linkes:

Install PowerBi Desktop on your device

Access the Intune Data Warehouse in PowerBi

  • Open PowerBi Desktop
  • Select Get data
  • Search for Intune Data Warehouse and click Connect
  • Select Don’t warn me again for this connector and click Continue
  • Select the history you want to have and click OK
  • Click Sign in and authenticate with your account
  • Click Connect
  • Select the Tables you need for the reporting

Import read to use Dashboard

  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Have fun with the dashboard

App View

Device view

Config Profile


With this dashboard you get a high-level overview of your environment. You can extend it with other data sources or expand it further and customize it for your needs (you don’t have to take care about the design).

Stay healthy, Cheers

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