Change Windows 11 Context Menu with Intune

Windows 11 has brought some changes to the Windows Explorer, including the way the context menu looks. By default, the context menu is reduced to the really necessary functions. This is sufficient for most users. However, if you often need functions that are not in the reduced view, then this can be a hindrance in the workflow. In this blog I want to show you how to get back the Windows 10 context menu with the help of Intune.

How to change the Context menu

  • Open the MEM Portal
  • Navigate to Devices -> Scripts
  • Click + ADD
  • Enter a Name
  • Click Next
  • Download the script from my GitHub repository
  • Upload the script
  • Select Run this script using the logged on credentials
  • Click Next
  • Assign the Script to a Windows 11 group
  • Click Next -> Create

As soon as the script has been executed on the device and the device has been rebooted, the familiar Windows 10 context menu is back.

Stay healthy, Cheers

4 thoughts on “Change Windows 11 Context Menu with Intune

  1. Are you just defining $rc as the executable but not running a command?

    When trying this I get failed results.


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