Use assignment filter for the update ring assignment

With the Assignment Filter a possibility was added to intune to make assignments more comfortable. This feature was first available for configuration profiles and then for apps. With the service release 2107 Intune has enabled the assignment filters also for update rings.

What are assignment filters and how can you use them for the update ring assignemnts I will show you in this blog.

What are assignment filters?

Assignment Filter is a tool to assign configuration profiles, apps and update rings based on a rule. For example, you can assign a configuration profile to all users but only to devices running Windows 21H1. So you have more possibilities to make the assignments more comfortable.

Filters include the following features and benefits:

  • Improve flexibility and granularity when assigning Intune policies and apps.
  • Are used when assigning app, policies, and profiles. They dynamically target devices based on device properties you enter.
  • Can include or exclude devices in a specific group based on criteria you enter.
  • Create a query of device properties based on the device platform, including Android, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows 10.
  • Can be used and reused in multiple scenarios in “Include” or “Exclude” mode.

How do the assignment filters work?

  1. The admin creates a filter in the MEM portal e.g. only devices with the ownership personal
  2. A policy/app/update ring is assigned via a group. In addition to the group, a filter is specified to filter out only the devices that meet the condition. It is possible to use this as include or exclude rule.
  3. The filter is evaluated when the device enrolls, checks in with the Intune service, or at any other time a policy evaluates.
  4. You see the filter results based on the evaluation. For example, the app or policies applies, or it doesn’t apply.

you can find more information here

How to create a filter

  • Open the MEM Portal
  • Navigate to Devices -> Filters (preview)
  • Click Try out the filters (preview) feature!
  • Turn on the feature and click Apply
  • Click Create
  • Enter an Namefor the filter and select a platform
  • Click Next
  • Create a filter as you need it. I have created one to filter Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Click Create

Assign to an update ring

  • Create or open an existing update ring.
  • Go to the assignment step
  • Click Add Group and select the group to which the update ring should be assigned and click select
  • Click Edit filter
  • Here you can choose if you want to use the filter as include or exclude. In my case I want to use it as an include. Then select the created filter
  • Click Select and save the change

This is how easy it is to create filters and use them for a more comfortable assignment!

Stay healthy, Cheers

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