Copy Intune Discovered Apps in Log Analytics Workspace

Intune offers the possibility to show per device not only the apps installed via Intune but also the apps discovered on the device (Control Panel apps). Since this view is relatively static and you only have a per device view here, it is difficult to make analyses of the complete environment, e.g. to see which app is missing in the portfolio, since this is often installed by users themselves. Why don’t we use log analytics to have more options to work with this information’s? In this blog I want to show you how you can do this easily with a script.

Create Log Analytics Workspace

  • Select the Subscription and the Ressource group or create a new one
  • Enter a name for the workspace
  • Select the region
  • Click Next: Tags >
  • Optional: Add Tags
  • Click Next: Review + Create >
  • Click Create

Get Workspace information’s

  • Open the new Log Analytics Workspace
  • Navigate to Agent management
  • Here you can find the Workspace ID and the Primary key. You need this information later to insert this in the script

Write the discovered app inventory from all device in the Workspace

You don’t have to do much. The script that does the work is already created. Currently, the script is written so that this looks at all devices. If you are only interested in collecting inventory from certain devices you can add a filter.

  • Download the script from my Git hub repository
  • Open the script and add the Workspace Id and the primary key
  • Run the script
  • Open the log analytics workspace and check if you can see all discovered apps from your devices


I hope I could explain in this blog how you can write the Discovered apps from Intune into a log analytics workspace to perform further analysis. Log analytics offers endless possibilities for what you can do with the data. You can build dashboards and enrich the data with further information,…

Stay healthy, Cheers

One thought on “Copy Intune Discovered Apps in Log Analytics Workspace

  1. This is the solution I have been looking for. Thanks for documenting it. However, when I get to the step of running the script. I get an error at line 1
    “The name ‘$customerid’ does not refer to any known column, table, variable or function”
    I am running it in the “Logs” section of the Log Analytics Workspace I created in the instructions. Any idea why I am getting this error?


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