Intune Device Inventory UI

Anyone who has been working in the area of device management for a while knows that a good inventory is a very important prerequisite for good device management.

A very desired feature from you is to have a custom inventory directly in Intune with which you can then continue to work in certain processes. This is exactly what Florian Salzmann and I have taken up and developed a solution for you that solves exactly this problem.

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Introduction of the Intune App Creator with help of Chocolatey

Anyone who has worked with Intune and deployed an app knows that this is a bit of work. You have to download the sources, create the IntuneWin file, create the app in Intune. To simplify this I have created the Intune App Creator. With this application you can search within the >9,000 Chocolatey and automatically add this app to your Intune app portfolio with just one click.

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