Intune Suite Part 3: Advanced Endpoint Analytics

In the third part of this Intune Suite series, I want to give you more insights into advanced endpoint analytics. I am really happy that Intune has gone in the direction of machine learning and anomaly detection. I blogged about these topics a few months ago, discussing how to analyze Intune data with the help of cognitive service anomaly detection. It’s awesome that Intune now includes this out-of-the-box in the tool. Unfortunately, I can’t test this feature in my own tenant because Endpoint analytics requires at least 10 devices, and this is not possible in my test tenant. However, I will cover all elements of the feature in this blog.


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The ultimate MEM tour part 4 – Reports

After we have looked at the three categories of Device Management, Application Management and Endpoint Security, this blog will follow with the Reporting section of MEM. Thanks to everyone who read the preceding blogs and gave me feedback. But it’s not over with very powerful and helpful features in MEM. Also in the reporting section you will find features that can make your daily work easier as an administrator and with which you can greatly increase the user experience. With Endpoint Analytics there is a very powerful feature which is continuously developed and improved. But let’s take a closer look at it below.

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