Show user dialog with Endpoint Analytics (Smartphone Replacement Tool)

It is not always easy to reach users via email or other channels. When there are projects running to exchange e.g. smartphones or migrations from files from a network drive to an SharePoint it is hard reach the users and get an answer. Intune provides with Endpoint Analytics a very good on board tool to easily reach users via a user dialog. In this blog I will show how you can use this with the example of a smartphone exchange. The dialog and the method can be adapted to many other use cases.

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Introduction of the Intune App Creator with help of Chocolatey

Anyone who has worked with Intune and deployed an app knows that this is a bit of work. You have to download the sources, create the IntuneWin file, create the app in Intune. To simplify this I have created the Intune App Creator. With this application you can search within the >9,000 Chocolatey and automatically add this app to your Intune app portfolio with just one click.

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Introduction of the Intune Device Troubleshooter

If you follow my blog, you know that there are two things I really like: helping people with their problems, and automating or simplifying processes. In this blog, I want to introduce you to my new tool, the Intune Device Troubleshooter. This is a PowerShell UI application that will help you to check the status of your devices, as well as support you to trigger remediation scripts to fix issues add-hock on single devices. It also provides you intelligent recommendations what you should check at a single device to determine and possible issue. So let’s get started and look at the features of the tool.

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Detect anomalies in your Intune environment with Azure Cognitive Services – Part 2 Application Installations

In one of my previous blog posts I explained how you can use Azure Automation and Azure Cognitive service to monitor the compliance state of your environment and notify you if there are major deviations today. In this part of the series I want to show you how you can apply this to the deployment of your applications and also get notified if the installation of an application suddenly fails abnormally often.

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Copy Intune Discovered Apps in Log Analytics Workspace

Intune offers the possibility to show per device not only the apps installed via Intune but also the apps discovered on the device (Control Panel apps). Since this view is relatively static and you only have a per device view here, it is difficult to make analyses of the complete environment, e.g. to see which app is missing in the portfolio, since this is often installed by users themselves. Why don’t we use log analytics to have more options to work with this information’s? In this blog I want to show you how you can do this easily with a script.

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How to update Quick assist with Intune

Quick assist was a cool windows out of the box tool that can get or provide PC support via a remote connection. Because Quick Assist is a pre-installed app in Windows, it can also be used to provide support during setup via e.g. Autopilot. The experience for the user was really easy. You have to only read out a 6 character code from the client and type in on the quick assist app on the supporter site.

But this will be changed quick assist will not be longer a build-in tool in windows. Microsoft posted on April 27, 2022 in the Windows Insider blog that Quick assist will only be available via the Windows Store in the future and that support for the old client will end. So, if you want to continue using Quick assist in the future, you will have to install it from the Windows Store.

However, there are several problems here. The first problem is that the installation of Quick assist from the Windows Store requires admin rights. This is not always the case in a professionally managed business environment where users also have admin rights on their PC. The second problem is that if you are using Windows LTSC there is no Windows Store to get quick assist from. And user getting a error messages about missing WebView2 runtimes.

How you can solve this problem I will show you today in this blog.

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